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About | Brighter

About Brighter

The fine jewelry industry can sometimes feel like it is shrouded in mystery - truly understanding quality, style, value, and care might seem like an insurmountable task.

Savvy shoppers want jewelry that is both elegant and attainable. They want to understand what they’re buying and feel confident that an experienced professional is there to help them with a complete array of jewelry services.

The time has come for all of this to be wrapped up in an easy to navigate, online fine jewelry destination. The time has come to BE BRIGHTER.

Katie Hammond, Founder of BRIGHTER

Katie Hammond

About Our Founder

Katie Hammond, G.G.


BRIGHTER was established as a fine jewelry destination built around the goal of cultivating fine jewelry collectors.

In our exclusive online SHOP, jewelry wardrobe essentials mingle seamlessly with the unique creations of innovative designers and one of a kind antique pieces.

Our vast expertise is shared as readers EXPLORE feature articles blending history, gemology, and style. Fine jewelry is put into context with today’s modern lifestyle, and our clients are given the tools to build their collections with taste and confidence.

An exceptional array of SERVICES are at the root of all that we do. Appraisals, personal shopping, bespoke jewelry, and aftercare are offered to create a complete fine jewelry experience.

Don’t just buy jewelry. BE BRIGHTER.